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Spam Filtering

Laztech partners with one of Ireland's leading managed spam and virus filtering services. This provides a multilayered approach, which combined with its technical architecture, make it the most effective filtering system available.

Our managed secure service protects your email communications, and removes the risk to client infrastructures and resources from malicious email.  This will protect your reputation, and reduce operational costs and risks while increasing productivity.

Some Unique aspects to this service:

  Not a Spam tagging service - Spam is deleted at source

  Threats dealt with before they hit the client gateway

  Increased productivity and reduced bandwidth usage

  Reduced overheads on overworked firewalls and on mail servers

  24 hour customer service - with immediate response to queries

  No hidden costs; No training required

 Email held for 7 days in the event of customer infrastructure outages at no cost

  Multiple domains / sub-domains filtered at no extra cost

  Immediate notification if an email has been quarantined

  Blocks 99.7% of spam, of which 98% is blocked prior to our content filters at source

  The lowest false positive rate of any filtering solution, in excess of 1:100,000,000

  Requires Local Mail Server and Broadband

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