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Who does this Privacy Statement refer to

This policy refers to all parties (job candidates, employees, clients, contractors, suppliers and other parties) whose personal data is processed by us.


Who must follow this Privacy Statement?

Employees of Laztech must follow this policy.  Contractors, consultants, partners and any other external entities are required to comply.


What data is included?

As part of our services, we need to obtain and process data.  This data includes any offline physical data or online data that makes a person identifiable.


How Laztech collect your data?

We collect this data in a transparent way and only with the full knowledge of interested parties.  Once this information is available to Laztech, the following rules apply:


Our data will be:

Our data will not be:


Where consent is relied upon as a basis for processing of any personal data, you will be presented with an option to agree or disagree with the collection, use or disclosure of personal data.  Once consent is obtained it can be withdrawn at any stage.

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